FINOR Online
the game-changing platform designed to match all your
_ needs

Finor Online is that powerful mix between knowledge and technology.

Technology is the bridge between generations, therefore
FINOR Online platform offers a complete picture of customers wealth and all related cash-flow,
saving valuable time
and building the foundation of efficient decisions.

Using this innovative app will let you focus on rapidly boost your results.

All you need, it is there

FINOR Online | Wealth Management app
FINOR Online | Wealth Management app preferred theme aand profile picture

It was designed to offer you the best possible experience, with an easy-to-use interface and optimized for all devices.

No matter when or where, you can always check how your investments are performing.

Also, you can personalize your account by choosing your preferred theme and your avatar.

It generates ready-to-use reports and interactive dashboards powered by live market data feeds.

This means you can instantly see how your investments perform in real-time, in all relevant currencies.

Interactive dashboards

FINOR ONLINE | Dashboard | Generate reports and interactive dashboards to understand the performance of portfolios

You can have a complete picture of your fortune within a single page.

There are two graphical representations of your wealth, a pie and a bar chart with your assets allocation.

You can choose your base currency from a drop down list.

If you want to get in touch with us, Finor Online platform offers you a friendly, easy to use chat bot.

Finor Online covers a wide range of assets. By using this platform you can track your:



funds, including Mutual Funds, ETFs, ETCs or REITs

cash, meaning your bank current or saving accounts and term deposits

your discretionary managed portfolios

real estate properties

shares in different unlisted companies

The stocks module shows all your shares in listed companies

FINOR Online | Tax Area Summary | Wealth Management app

With Open Banking module you can connect to all your bank accounts in one place and view your accounts balance and transactions history in real time.

Nordigen API - 2425 banks from Europe.

FINOR Online | Open Banking | My Banking Products | Wealth Management app

Real Estate module illustrates a clear overview of your properties and their values.

FINOR Online | Tax Area Summary | Wealth Management app

This module works as a CRM where you can keep records about your properties, such as:

transaction details

cash-flow if the property is rented

related expenses

documents and you can add pictures

If changes occur you can edit or delete any previous information you have about your Real Estate portfolio.

Also, it automatically generates tax statements, so no more human error, paperwork and spreadsheets.

Start exploring the available demo to see all functionalities.

No worries about your data protection, Finor is secure, with two factors authentication built-in and using the latest technology standards.

Also, having a premium consulting services package, you can always ask the best financial expert to guide you.

Get started with FINOR Online.