20+ years of relevant experience and knowledge are now part of your story

FINOR Online is a Romanian start-up founded in 2022 by Bogdan Sîrbu and Cătălin Savu, with HQ located in Bucharest, Romania.

Combining the best quality of consulting services from financial and investments perspective with high-class information technology services is our thing.

The mission

is to simplify and accelerate the wealth management process, so one can focus on achieving exceptional results by working smarter, not harder.

With a solid knowledge of banking business and financial products, experience working with premium clients and having all the necessary technology and digital skills, we quickly understood your basic needs and transposed all of the above into a secured, easy-to-use, flexible and scalable application: FINOR Online.

The passion

kept pushing us forward until we have created a remarkable and transformational product, because we want to fill all the gaps on the path to your goals.

Tested and validated by potential customers and experts from related activity fields, FINOR is now the digital solution to overcome all your pain points.

And this is why,

driven by this goal, FINOR will keep improving and updating in line with your needs and based on your feedback.

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FINOR Online Founder | Bogdan Sîrbu

Bogdan Sîrbu

The salesperson

20 years experience in Sales, out of which 13 years in Wealth Management and Private Banking, in two of the leading global banks with presence in Romania.

FINOR Online Founder | Cătălin Savu

Cătălin Savu

The IT responsible

20 years experience in IT industry, more than 15 year experience designing, developing and implementing complex IT projects in various romanian Banks.

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